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Pest Glossodia  | ALL GUARD | Glossodia 2756

Glossodia , NSW 2756 pest control and termite services are provided by All Guard Pest Glossodia . We offer our services at a reasonable cost while providing a competent and trustworthy pest control service.

All Guard Pest Control uses only the highest grade insecticides on the market to give complete treatments that are not only safe and efficient, but also completely guaranteed! 

The Pest Defence for Glossodia 


Glossodia  pest control, termite inspections, and pest services are all handled by All Guard Pest Control. We have a combined 30 years of experience and have assisted thousands of homeowners and businesses with termite infestations, pest problems, and other pest management issues. Read here to find out why we're Glossodia 's best pest control company, then pick up the phone and call us for immediate assistance with all of your pest and termite issues.



Why is it so important to have a pest inspection in Glossodia ?

pest seasons.jpg

 The unique suburb of Glossodia is positioned Perfectly to attract all types of pests, insects and creepy crawlies. Pest seasons for Glossodia is summertime through to Winter because they can be prevalent in the home and external surroundings.  Keeping your home clean will help to prevent the onset of an infestation but some insects you just can't see. Having an entire insect inspection carried out is the best way to prevent insect infestations and pest problems.

Glossodia Pest inspections are a vital aspect of routine house upkeep. Cockroaches, rats, and mice are examples of pests that are just unwanted and some spider bites can be fatal, while others might cause illness or transfer disease.
It is critical to safeguard your Glossodia family and pets.

All Guard Pest Control can keep you up to date with family-friendly pest control management

Our GLOSSODIA crew uses their  PEST experience and knowledge, as well as ongoing training, to give the best effective treatment, whether the customer is a business or a homeowner.
Click here to learn more about our residential pest control services.

To protect your home, family, and company, All Guard Pest Control uses only the finest quality pest control and termite treatments that meet Australian Standards.
Cockroach control, spider control, termite inspections, termite treatments, buzzing insects, crawling insects, and all other pest control services are among the services we provide.

There are various pest control treatment choices in Glossodia, and we take pleasure in the fact that no job is too big or too small for us. In Glossodia and the surrounding suburbs, we provide the highest level of pest control services.




We value our customers, which is why we go to great lengths to protect your home and company from pests. Call us today for great pest control prices in Glossodia, NSW 2756.



Wayne & Heather

Every year we have All Guard come through our home and treat all the nasties. They are professional and a great company to deal with. Rachel is lovely to chat to whenever we have pest issues


First National The Ponds

After a 10 year relationship, I wouldn't take my business anywhere else. Rudy's team is fantastic and booking them in for all our rental properties and house sales have been an easy process.

Thanks, Again!


Mary and Richard

All the pests were eliminated in 1 visit. We could not have asked for a better job. Happy to give our feedback for a great company. hard to find these days. 


Century 21 

Whenever our landlords or tenants need exterminator services, we always call Rachel to help them out. The prices are very fair and we always know the job gets done right. Thank You All Guard

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Glossodia Cockroach Services

Cockroach Control Glossodia


Glossodia Cockroach Spray


Types of Cockroaches In Glossodia



The approximate number of known species in the world is 3500 and in Australia 400.

German cockroach- where are they found?

  German cockroaches in Glossodia live mainly indoors, near food areas and water sources they can be found in most Glossodia residential properties within kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Adults and nymphs congregate in very small spaces including cracks, small crevices, door hinges dishwashers, and even control panels. The population  typically consists of approximately 20% adults and 80% nymphs

 adult life span- 6 months

 egg to adult- 100 days

 size- 10 to 15 mm

  Similar Glossodia cockroaches:  Brown-banded cockroaches are a smaller size but with two light coloured bands across their wing and abdomen. These cockroaches tend to live inside in many dry areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

American cockroach - Where are they found?

 American Cockroaches in Glossodia along with other large peridomestic Cockroaches tend to live outdoors in leaf litter and around drains and sewers. Apart from entering buildings by accident they can be found in moist areas indoors and in sub-floors. Interesting they also thrive in roof voids,  despite the heat and lack of water, hiding in the insulation

 adult life span- one year

 egg to adult-  600 days

 size- 35 to 40 mm

  Similar Cockroaches: The Australian cockroach in Glossodia is very similar but has short light coloured lines on the edge of the upper four wings and the smoky Brown cockroach which is similar in size but has a uniform shiny dark brown colour without the yellow perimeter band on the pronotum.

Oriental cockroaches - where are they found?

 Oriental cockroaches in Glossodia are typically outdoor species seeking moist areas, so they will also thrive in moist sun floors. they will enter buildings in weather extremes of hot and dry to cold and damp

adult life span- 6 months

egg to adult- 350 days

size- 22 to 27 mm

 Not easily confused with other Glossodia cockroaches as they are dark brown to Black. The male's wings cover only three-quarters of the body and the female has greatly reduced wings, they are often confused for a nymph.

American Cockroach spray.jpg
Pest control services.jpg
Oriental cockroach Spary.jpg

Signs of Cockroaches In Glossodia 


Cockroaches Signs
The sooner you notice these cockroach indicators, the sooner All Guard Pest Control can help you with cockroach solutions so you may resume your pest-free lifestyle.

Keep an eye out for the following signs of a cockroach infestation:


  • Cockroach droppings - Cockroaches produce dust of black droppings that are smaller than one millimetre wide and vary in length.

  • Smear Marks - In areas where cockroaches are active, look for smear marks on horizontal surfaces and at wall-floor connections. Cockroaches generate brown, irregularly shaped smear markings when there is enough water.

  • Egg Capsules - Cockroaches lay their eggs in egg capsules, which contain numerous eggs. Each species of cockroach has its own capsule.

  • Shed Skin - Look for indications of shed skin in places where you assume they are hiding. As cockroaches mature into adults, they lose their nymphal skins 5-8 times.

  • Damage - Not just on food packaging, look for odd evidence of damage. Cockroaches will devour organic materials such as leather and books.

  • Unusual odour - A cockroach infestation leaves behind a lasting and unpleasant musty stink that taints anything it comes into contact with.

cockroach - poop.jpg
cockroach eggs.jpg
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Glossodia Termite Pest Inspections



Termite Control

Termite inspections Glossodia


Glossodia termite services

Termite inspections

Types of termites In Glossodia


​5 Top Reasons for a termite inspection

  1. They have found active termites and want to get rid of them.

  2. They are buying a house and want to make sure that it is sound and not at a high risk of infestation.

  3. They are SELLING a house and don't want a bad report.

  4. They live in an area that has a high risk of termites or has a history of attack.

  5. The neighbours have been infested and they don't want the same thing happening to them.

Termite-chart-different-types-of termites.jpg

Termite Behavior and Castes


 Termites live in colonies which are assemblages of different individuals with tasks and functions. The particular size of the termite colony varies from only a few hundred to hundreds of thousands or even multiple millions of termites as in the mound-building species of Nasutitermes.

 The Colony takes various forms for some species build man's some Nest underground and some live in small colonies in the wood of local trees there are several forms

1. The Ground mound species

2. The Pole Nest

3. The Subterranean Nest

4. The Tree wood


Glossodia Termites


A Sydney dwelling survey of many hundreds of houses carried out in New South Wales from 1980 to 1983 shows that one house in every five Sydney homes had active termites or had a termite history. Glossodia  is no different.

  Identification of the Sydney termite species is important. as many species require no action and expensive control measures against these destroy client confidence in the pest control industry generally.

The dry wood termites present special problems particularly since soil barrier treatments are of no value here. Once a Sydney pest controller has given a  pest client all the facts concerning the Termite infestation it is the decision of the client whether the termite treatment is done. It is normal practice to obtain more than one extermination quotation and the client should have the termite species identified.


What type of termites do I have?

 Termites, insects belonging to Order Isoptera, are usually called white ants, however, apart from their social habit of living in colonies and consisting of several forms or castles, they do not resemble true ants.

Glossodia Termites are mostly pale Brown to White, have no constriction between thorax and abdomen, and have beaded antennae. reproductive thorns have two pairs of equal wings and one pair of compound eyes.  Workers and soldiers are blind, sexless, and wingless and have thin cuticles that are sensitive to desiccation in dry or exposed environments.

Termites compared to ants

 Ants, on the other hand, vary from Brown to Black depending on the species. and have an obvious constriction between the thorax and their abdomen. Antennae are variable,  but often characteristically elbowed. they have two pairs of wings, unequal so they can exist outside the more humid environment of The Colony.

Carpenter ants are true ants, some of which belong to Genus Camponotus and often occupy similar environments in trees to termites, But unlike termites, they are not sound timber Destroyers. Living indicates that they excavate for themselves.


3 Termite signs to look for:

Termite Discarded Wings

The first sign to look for is discarded wings. You may not know it but Glossodia Termites do have wings, they just get rid of them right away. what happens is that they may fly from one colony to another and if they decide that they will stay to build a new home, they actually discard their wings and leave them behind.

Mud Tubes

An interesting thing you may not know is that termites have very thin skin. They can dehydrate and dry out rather quickly and so they need to live in a super humid environment. Usually in more moist areas will be preferred by termites. The mud tubes are a way of maintaining their humid environment and moving around safely. The mud tubes are around pencil-sized and are often located in foundation areas of your property. Once inside, termites can create thousands of dollars of damage within your Glossodia home.

Wood damage

More difficult to spot because the termites are within the wood actually eating it. Eaten timbers can weaken the structure of your home. If you notice little tiny holes in timber anywhere it could be a sign of termite activity. Sometimes knocking on the wood to see if it sounds hollow can help. Bowed timber floors can be a sign as well as squeaky floorboards. 

termites Inspections Hawkesbury.jpg

Call All Guard Pest Control TODAY if you think that you may have a termite infestation. Our professional pest servicemen will treat your home for termites and save you thousands of dollars of damage. Don't wait until termites take hold because the long term damage will cost much much more than the prevention or early elimination of this nasty Sydney Pest.

Hills District pest control. Glossodia pest services.

termite inspections Richmond.jpg

Glossodia termite biology

Glossodia termites have gradual development stages. From egg, then nymph, and then adult. The termite eggs are laid singly except in some species which lay eggs in rows.

 The termite eggs hatch first into baby instar nymphs which are fed by workers.. After moulting several times young termite nymphs differentiate into various castes: workers, soldiers and Alates. 

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Glossodia Rodent Pest Control




Pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

Glossodia Rodent Control

Rodent Pest Control

Rodents (Mice & Rats) - Where are they found?

In Sydney suburbs, Mice & Rats typically live outdoors but venture inside properties during the cooler months to seek shelter. Glossodia is known for its mouse populations.

Problems associated with Glossodia Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats breed very quickly turning a small problem into a large scale infestation. One female rodent can average between 3-10 litters per year, having on average 4-8 baby mice per litter. Combining this with the known diseases they carry, they can also cause substantial damage by gnawing on PVC plumbing pipes,  electrical wiring, air-conditioning ducts and furniture of all types.

mouse exterminator Hawkesbury.jpg

Call All Guard Pest Control TODAY if you think that you may have a rodent problem. Our reliable pest servicemen will give you the ammunition to eliminate these pesky critters. Don't wait until rodents take hold because the long term costs will be much much more than the prevention.

Hills District pest control. Glossodia  pest services.

Rat exterminator Hawkesbury.jpg

A favbourite feeding ground for mice and rats is around your garbage area. By keeping rubbish bags concealed and in a bin, you lower the risk of a mouse or rat infestation.

3 Rodent signs to look for:

Mouse Droppings

The colour of fresh droppings is black and wet. When Glossodia rat and mouse droppings dry out and grow old and grey, they crumble readily when touched. Near food packages, in drawers or cabinets, behind sinks, in concealed spaces, and along rat tracks are the most likely places to find droppings. Most droppings will be found where the rats are nesting or feeding, therefore investigate the area around the new-found droppings to see if the infestation is still active (or new).

Gnaw Marks

These are frequently found on food packaging or in the structure of a home. Comparing a gnaw mark you just saw with others on a similar material that you know is older is one approach to assess age. If the newly discovered marks are lighter in colour, it could indicate that the infestation is still going on. The nibble marks can also reveal whether you have rats or mice; greater gnaw marks suggest that rats have larger teeth. If you previously had a Glossodia mouse infestation but suddenly find greater gnaw marks, you may have rats. in yourGlossodia   home.

There is a Foul Odour

If rodents are active in Glossodia, cats and dogs (or even a pet rat or mouse) may become active and excited. This is caused by the odour of rat urine and is particularly common when rodents have recently entered a structure. Get a torch and search the area for rats or mice if you notice your pet pawing at an area in which it had previously shown no interest. If you have a huge infestation, you may notice a persistent stale ammonia odour coming from hidden spots, which indicates an active infestation.

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Glossodia Bird Lice Spraying service
Glossodia Bird control service

Birds & Lice



Glossodia Bird and Lice Control

Pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

Glossodia Bird and Lice Services

Glossodia Bird Control

Bird & Lice 

Bird Lice and Humans

Once in the living area of a Glossodia house, the mites bite people in search of food. The mite, therefore, bites the human skin and injects saliva which leads to irritation. As a result, the skin becomes itchy, swells, and has raised pink spots on the skin. When the spots start to appear, it is then that people realise they may have been bitten by a bird mite!

How Did I Get Bird Lice?

Domestic birds in Glossodia, like chickens and parrots, may carry these lice on their feathers and bodies. When the parasites infect pets or wild birds in the house, they may cause problems for homeowners, as well. Nesting sites close to vents and windows or pet cages indoors give bird lice easy access to living spaces.

How Serious Are Bird Lice?

While most bird lice species stay on their avian hosts throughout their lives, Glossodia residents still have issues with the pests. The parasites sometimes bite people who handle infested birds.


They do not carry diseases dangerous to humans, but severe infestations can be fatal for poultry or pets.

How Do I Get Rid of Bird Lice?

Controlling these Glossodia pests begins by identifying the source of the infestation. Due to a large number of bird lice species and their rapid rate of infestation, All Guard Pest Control professionals will need to be consulted to manage the population.

bird lice pest controller Richmond.jpg

Call All Guard Pest Control TODAY if you think that you may have a Bird or bird lice problem. Our reliable pest servicemen will give you the ammunition to eliminate these Little mites. Don't wait until Bird mites take hold because the long term costs will be much much more than the prevention.

Glossodia pest services.

bird control Hawkesbury.jpg

The common Glossodia bird mite species that affects people is the Starling mite In general. Every bird mite may live up to 3 months, and die within 3 weeks if there is no food. Moreover, they are most active in spring and summer.

If you have an issue with bird lice and need an expert with pest solutions don’t hesitate to book now.

3 Bird mite signs to look for:

  • Itchy Irritable Skin

Itchy bites are a sign of a bird-mite infestation. The bite regions are extremely itchy, particularly late at night or early in the morning. A 'crawling' sensation is occasionally reported as a symptom induced by the mites injecting saliva during feeding.

  • ​​Little dark spots

Bird mites (another name for Bird lice) have a yellow coloured body that is less than 1mm in size and 8 legs. Surprisingly, once the mite had a feed of the bird’s blood, its body changes colour to dark red or black, eventually. Also, look for masses in the corners of a room or closet.

  • Crawling Sensation

If you're scratching a lot and feel a crawling sensation in your hair, it could be bird lice. The mites when feeding can be quite irritating and you will know if they are present.

windsor bird mites.jpg
windsor bird lice.jpg
bird lice bites.jpg
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Glossodia Flea Pest Control


Pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

Glossodia Flea Services


Glossodia Flea Treatments

What are fleas 

Flea identification: Fleas in Glossodia are a reddish/ brown, wingless blood-sucking parasite type of common household pest. Sometimes they are mistaken for bed bugs in the Glossodia area. Fleas range from 0.5 mm (from birth) to about 3.5mm in length (adults). They survive by biting/ ingesting the blood of their host, causing itchy irritated skin. Some people can even be allergic to their bite. They have a rather tough exterior for their size and also have the ability to jump many times their body height.

Where in Glossodia are fleas found?

In Glossodia, the most common places fleas are found is on the back, neck, and underside of cats and dogs. Fleas live both internally and externally, favouring subfloor or decking areas.

Fleas live and breed around western Sydney in warm moist places, so infestations are usually worse in the summer. The closer to the Blue mountains area the warmer and moister the air can tend to be, so expect to find more common household pests in these areas.

Rural suburbs like Richmond, Windsor, Pitt Town, Annangrove, Berkshire Park, Bligh Park, Glossodia,  Kurrajong, Maraylya, and Penrith tend to hold a slightly higher rate of this pest infestation because of their set location and temperate climates. They are an unwanted pest in most cases.

fleas - pest control Windsor

Once our trained and experienced Glossodia pest control service has completed a thorough pest inspection of your property, we can assist in formulating the best flea prevention method for you and your family. Western Sydney Pest Control

All Guard Pest Control

Flea Control

fleas  pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

How did I get fleas?

Stray cats in Glossodia are a large source of spreading Fleas as they have no boundaries.

Wondering in and out of many Glossodia properties and homes without being kept in specific areas. Many commercial properties have stray animals that can be a common cause of flea transfer.

Fleas may hop onto your pets’ fur from another infected pet or from infested dirt or grass outside.

Fleas like to stay on an animal's underbelly and thus can easily be transferred to your carpet when your pet lies down. 

Getting the best result from a our Glossodia flea treatment

Vendors, tenants and homeowners preparation work required prior to chemical application.


Prior to having professional pest treatment for fleas, it is essential that the Glossodia householder does a thorough vacuum to all areas infected areas internally. Particular attention of vacuuming carpets, floorboards, including moving the furniture, skirting boards and any areas your pet may frequent.

The strong vibration of the vacuum moving over these surface areas helps flea eggs and pupae to hatch and allows us the best possible chance of having the fleas pick up the insecticide.  

We require the hatched eggs to come into direct contact with the insecticide in order for the treatment to be effective and your home to become pest-free. Once our pest control experts finish the flea treatment you will notice huge improvements.



Lawns need to be freshly mowed or at low grass height. The vibration of the mower helps the eggs and pupae to hatch so the fleas can come into contact with the insecticide. If the soil is very dry, we encourage you to water the lawn prior to our arrival as this helps float any eggs to the surface so hatched eggs come into direct contact with the pest insecticide.



Washing all pet bedding is essential. Your pet should also undergo the proper veterinary product/s for flea treatment (Frontline, Bayer Advantus Soft Chews, and Nexgard are a few products that can be used) but your local Glossodia  veterinarian would be able to provide you with what options best suit your circumstances. Obviously, long-haired pets may hold a greater challenge when it comes to the reduction in animal pests.

Chemical Application: A blanket spray using Bifenthrin chemical insect treatment is applied to the interior, exterior and subfloor. Pest reduction results are instantaneous. This Glossodia pest treatment is non-fuming and environmentally friendly. Where large flea infestation is present, secondary treatment may need to be carried out 1-2 weeks after the initial pest spray.


Note: Pets should not walk on areas treated until the chemical application has dried.

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Glossodia Spider Pest Control

Spider Services Glossodia 

Pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

Red Back Pest Control Glossodia 

What Are Spiders

Spiders are eight-legged air-breathing arthropods with fangs that can inject venom and spinnerets that extrude silk.
With the exception of Antarctica, spiders may be found on every continent and have colonised practically every habitat, with the exception of air and sea colonisation. Taxonomists have identified at least 49,800 spider species in 129 families as of May 2021.

Where Do Spiders Live?

Glossodia is home to the world's deadliest spiders. Spiders like funnel-web spiders and redback spiders are also dangerous.

The spiders aren't all dangerous. Some of them are also considered harmless. In addition, there are two types of spiders: those that spin webs and those that live on the ground. Spiders that reside on the ground do not create webs; instead, they live under leaves, trash, vents, and garden areas.

low risk spiders chart.jpg
toxic spiders chart .jpg
deadly spiders chart  copy.jpg

Pesticide Treatment of Webbing Spiders:

Prior to undertaking a pest spray for Spiders, we advise that you leave all cobwebs intact as we get far better results if we are able to spray these webs during treatment. All cobwebs should be brushed down two weeks after the treatment.


Treatment of Webbing Spiders falls under our “General Pest Spray”. This treatment consists of powdering the roof void, behind large furniture items, cracks & crevices and also the floor. We also use a wet spray around the interior skirtings, the exterior of the property, garage, fence line and gardens. We also pay particular attention to treating around windows sills, eaves, decking areas, pergolas, balconies, verandahs and timber sleepers and retaining walls.

What can I do to minimise my house Spiders?

1) Prune any overhanging trees/ branches to the perimeter of your home.

2) Keep vegetation piles stored away from your premises.

3) Use stone instead of bark chips for mulch.

4) Patch up any cracks/ crevices they may use to gain internal access to your premises.

All Guard Pest Control is ready to protect your family from common household pests. Pest services for Glossodia and surrounding suburbs. We Remove all types of spiders. We are a professional spider pest control for Glossodia. If you are looking for spider services in Glossodia or redback pest control you cannot go past our professional spider spray team.

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Bee Pest Control Glossodia

Wasp Pest Control Glossodia 

Pest control Hawkesbury.jpg

Bee Hive Removal Glossodia

Bee Hive Glossodia

Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees are useful insects, but because of their capacity to sting, they are commonly regarded as pests. Wasps, in particular, can be a nuisance in autumn, when they can disturb a variety of outdoor activities.

Many people wrongly refer to all stinging insects as "bees." Despite the fact that both social wasps and bees live in colonies ruled by queens and maintained by workers, they have distinct appearances and behaviours. It's critical to distinguish between these insects because, if they become a problem, different control strategies may be required.

Wasp and Bee Removal Glossodia 

When bees and wasps have nests in difficult-to-reach places, such as inside a home, inside insulation, high in trees, or in hard-to-reach places, professional services are required. The cost of these services varies depending on the exterminator service required, so contact All Guard to learn more.

wasp NEST

Wasp Appearance
Wasps have a slim body with a small waist and slender, cylindrical legs, and their skin is smooth and lustrous.

The most common varieties of wasps encountered by people are European wasps, Yellow-jackets, hornets, and paper wasps.

bees exterminator

Bee Appearance

In comparison to wasps, bees have a larger body and are more hairy. For collecting and conveying pollen, their hind legs are flattened. Bees play a crucial role in pollination. Most fruits, legumes, and vegetable seed plants, as well as many ornamentals produced in our landscapes, rely on honey bee pollination for more than 80% of their pollination.

Wasp nest removal Glossodia

The first stage in wasp and bee management is identifying the bug and locating its nesting place. Wasp and bee control can be provided by a professional pest control company and one that is quite dangerous if self attempted. Glossodia bee and wasp removal are a speciality of All Guard Pest Control.


Wasps Habits

In September/October, after the queen has formed her colony and while the colony is still tiny, is the greatest time of year to control wasps. However, because nests are small, they are also more difficult to locate. Controlling wasp nests during the night, when they are less active, is the optimum time of day. Wasps have a hard time flying at temperatures below 5° C. Never seal a wasp nest unless you're positive no wasps are still alive within. If a nest is not discovered until autumn, control may not be essential because the colony will perish due to the impending temperatures.

Booking pest control services.png

Become one of our happy clients by calling to arrange a pest inspection/termite inspection on your home.

Pest inspections are necessary by an experienced exterminator. At All Guard, we will educate you on all aspects of pest control for your specific bug problem.

We eliminate the top 10 pests and many more that can invade your home and create problems for your quality of living. Professional pest control services that really do deliver. Never be concerned about finding pests inside your family home, it's quite common. Just a quick call to All Guard and we can deliver the best results for you. Many of our pest control clients are very happy with our service and keep coming back time after time to renew control procedures.

All guard pest control servicing Hills District, Blacktown, Kellyville, Riverstone, Castle Hill, Hawkesbury, Annangrove, Richmond, St Marys, St Clair, Penrith, Glenmore Park, Marayong, Kings Langley, Quakers Hill, Blue Mountains Kingswood and many more western Sydney suburbs.

Tips and Tricks for Pest Control

Glossodia N.S.W. 2756 pest control.  Termite services are provided by All Guard Pest Control for Glossodia. Pest services near Glossodia

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