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Termite Pest Inspections



 A Sydney dwelling survey of many hundreds of houses carried out in New South Wales in 1980 to 1983 shows that one house in every five Sydney homes had active termites or had a termite history. In that have, the pest species and non-pest or casual species their habits and of course they control and prevention.

  Identification of the Sydney termite species is important. as many species require no action and expensive control measures against these destroy client confidence in the pest control industry generally. The dry wood termites present special problems particularly since soil barrier treatments are of no value here. Once a Sydney pest controller has given a  pest client all the facts concerning the Termite infestation it is the decision of the client whether the termite treatment is done. It is normal practice to obtain more than one extermination quotation and the client should have the termite species identified.

Termite Control

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What type of termites do I have?

 Termites, insects belonging to Order Isoptera, are usually called white ants, however, apart from their social habit of living in colonies and consisting of several forms or castles, they do not resemble true ants.

 termites are mostly pale Brown to White, have no constriction between thorax and abdomen, and have beaded antennae. reproductive thorns have two pairs of equal wings and one pair of compound eyes.  workers and soldiers are blind, sexless and wingless and have thin cuticles that are sensitive to desiccation in dry or exposed environments.

 ants, on the other hand, vary from Brown to Black depending on the species. and have an obvious constriction between the thorax and abdomen. Antennae are variable,  but often characteristically elbowed. they have two pairs of wings, unequal so they can exist outside the more humid environment of The Colony.

Carpenter ants are true ants, some of which belong to Genus Camponotus and often occupy similar environments in trees to termites, But unlike termites, they are not sound timber Destroyers. living indicate would that they excavate for themselves. they facial marks that are often characteristic of termite workings.


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Call All Guard Pest Control TODAY if you think that you may have a termite infestation. Our professional pest servicemen will treat your home for you and save you thousands of dollars damage. Don't wait til termites take hold because the long term damage will cost much much more than the prevention or early elimination of this nasty Sydney Pest.

Hills District pest control. Windsor pest services.

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3 Signs to look for:

Termite Discarded Wings

The first sign to look for is discarded wings. You may not know it but Termites do have wings, they just get rid of them right away. what happens is that they may fly from one colony to another and if they decide that they will stay to build a new home, they actually discard their wings and leave them behind.

Mud Tubes.

An interesting thing you may not know is that termites have very thin skin. They can dehydrate and dry out rather quickly and so they need to live in a super humid environment. Usually in more moist areas will be preferred by termites. The mud tubes are a way of maintaining their humid environment and moving around safely. The mud tubes are around pencil-sized and are often located in foundation areas of your property. Once inside, termites can create thousands of dollars damage within your Sydney home.

Wood damage,

More difficult to spot because the termites are within the wood actually eating it. Eaten timbers can weaken the structure of your home. If you notice little tiny holes in timber anywhere it could be a sign of termite activity. Sometimes knocking on the wood to see if it sounds hollow can help. Bowed timber floors can be a sign as well as squeaky floorboards. 

Termite Behavior and Castes


 Termites live in colonies which are assemblages of different individuals with tasks and functions. The particular size of the termite colony varies from only a few hundred to hundreds of thousands or even multiple millions of termites as in the mound-building species of Nasutitermes.

 The Colony takes various forms for some species build man's some Nest underground and some live in small colonies in the wood of local trees there are several forms

1. The Ground mound species

2. The Pole Nest

3. The Subterranean Nest

4. The Tree wood


A Termite biology

 Sydney termites have a gradual metamorphosis. the developmental stages are egg then nymph and then adult. the termite eggs are laid singly except in some species which lay eggs in rows.

 the termite eggs hatch first into instar nymphs which are fed by workers. by moulting several times young termite nymphs differentiate into various castes: workers, soldiers and Alates. 

Termite inspections

Become one of our happy clients by calling to arrange a pest inspection/termite inspection on your home.

Pest inspections are necessary by an experienced exterminator. At All Guard, we will educate you on all aspects of pest control for your specific bug problem.

We eliminate the top 10 pests and many more that can invade your home and create problems for your quality of living. Professional pest control services that really do deliver. Never be concerned about finding pests inside your family home, it's quite common. Just a quick call to All Guard and we can deliver the best results for you. Many of our pest control clients are very happy with our service and keep coming back time after time to renew control procedures.

All guard pest control servicing Hills District, Blacktown, Kellyville, Riverstone, Castle Hill, Hawkesbury, Windsor, Richmond, St Marys, St Clair, Penrith, Glenmore Park, Marayong, Kings Langley, Quakers Hill, Blue Mountains Kingswood and many more western Sydney suburbs.

5 Top Reasons for a termite inspection

  1. They have found active termites and want to get rid of them.

  2. They are buying a house and want to make sure that it is sound and not a high risk of infestation.

  3. They are SELLING a house and don't want a bad report.

  4. They live in an area which has a high risk of termites or has a history of attack.

  5. The neighbours have been infested and they don't want the same thing happening to them.

Rodent Pest Control


Rodent Pest Control

Rodents (Mice & Rats) - Where are they found?

In Sydney suburbs, Mice & Rats typically live outdoors but venture inside properties during the cooler months to seek shelter. 


Problems associated with Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats breed very quickly turning a small problem into a large scale infestation. One female can average between 5-10 litters per year, having on average 6-8 babies per litter. Combined with the known diseases they carry, they can also cause substantial damage by gnawing on PVC plumbing pipes,  electrical wiring, air-conditioning ducting and furniture.

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Rodent Control

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Call All Guard Pest Control TODAY if you think that you may have a rodent problem. Our reliable pest servicemen will give you the ammunition to eliminate these pesky critters. Don't wait til rodents take hold because the long term costs will be much much more than the prevention.

Hills District pest control. Windsor pest services.

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Windsor Pest Service

Bird Lice Spraying service
Bird control service

Birds & Lice

Bird & Lice Control

Bird Lice and Humans

Once in the living area of the house, the mites bite people in search of food. The mite, therefore, bites the human skin and injects saliva which leads to irritation. As a result, the skin becomes itchy, swells and has raised pink spots on the skin. When the spots start to appear, it is then that people realise they may have been bitten by a bird mite!

How Did I Get Bird Lice?

Domestic birds, like chickens and parrots, may carry these lice on their feathers and bodies. When the parasites infest pets or wild birds in the house, they may cause problems for homeowners, as well. Nesting sites close to vents and windows or pet cages indoors give bird lice easy access to living spaces.

How Serious Are Bird Lice?

While most bird lice species stay on their avian hosts throughout their lives, residents still have issues with the pests. The parasites sometimes bite people who handle infested birds.


They do not carry diseases dangerous to humans, but severe infestations can be fatal for poultry or pets.

How Do I Get Rid of Bird Lice?

Controlling these pests begins by identifying the source of the infestation. Due to the large number of bird lice species and their rapid rate of infestation, a pest control professional will need to be consulted to manage the population.



Signs of Infestation

Bird lice hosts scratch excessively, exhibiting more grooming and preening than is necessary. Infested feathers can appear normal, and lice are typically too small to be visible to the naked eye.

Life Cycle

Bird lice eggs are laid on the shaft of birds' feathers and hatch after a few days. Young bird lice then develop through several stages before becoming mature adults. Lice cannot survive away from their hosts for more than a few days.

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 More Cockroach Information

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Bird mites (another name for Bird lice) have a yellow coloured body that is less than 1mm in size and 8 legs. Surprisingly, once the mite had a feed of the bird’s blood, its body changes colour to dark red or black, eventually.

The common bird mite species that affects people is the Starling mite (Ornithonyssus bursa). In general, every bird mite may live up to 3 months, and die within 3 weeks if there is no food. Moreover, they are most active in spring and summer.

If you have an issue with bird lice and need an expert with solutions don’t hesitate to book now.

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What are fleas 


Flea identification:  Fleas are a reddish/ brown, wingless blood-sucking parasite type of common household pest. Sometimes they are mistaken for bed bugs in the western Sydney area. Fleas range from 0.5 mm (from birth) to about 3mm in length (adults). They survive by biting/ ingesting the blood of their host, causing itchy irritated skin. Some people can even be allergic to their bite. They have a rather tough exterior for their size and have the ability to jump many times their body height.

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fleas - pest control Windsor

All Guard Pest Control


Once our trained and experienced pest control service has completed a thorough pest inspection of your property, we can assist in formulating the best insect prevention method for you and your family. Western Sydney Pest Control. Building and pest inspections.

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In western Sydney, the most common places fleas are found is on the back, neck, and underside of cats and dogs. Fleas live both internally and externally, favouring subfloor or decking areas. Fleas live and breed around western Sydney in warm moist places, so infestations are usually worse in the summer. The closer to the Blue mountains area the warmer and moister the air can tend to be, so expect to find more common household pests in these areas. Rural suburbs like Richmond, Windsor, Pitt Town, and Penrith tend to hold a slightly higher rate of this pest infestation because of their set location and temperate climates. They are an unwanted pest in most cases.

Where are fleas found?

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How did I get fleas?

Stray cats are a large source of spreading Fleas as they have no boundaries. Wondering in and out of many properties and homes without being kept in specific areas. Many commercial properties have stray animals that can be a common cause of flea transfer. Fleas may hop onto your pets’ fur from another infected pet or from infested dirt or grass outside.

Fleas like to stay on an animal's underbelly and thus can easily be transferred to your carpet when your pet lies down. 

   Getting the best result from a flea treatment.

Vendors, tenants and homeowners preparation work required prior to chemical application.


Prior to having professional pest treatment for fleas, it is essential that the householder does a thorough vacuum to all areas infected areas internally. Particular attention of vacuuming carpets, floorboards, including moving the furniture, skirting boards and any areas your pet may frequent.

The vibration of the vacuum moving over these surface areas helps flea eggs and pupae to hatch and allows us the best possible chance of having the fleas pick up the insecticide (as chemical DOES NOT Penetrate flea eggs) - we require the hatched eggs to come into direct contact with the insecticide in order for the treatment to be effective and your home to become pest free. Once our pest control expert finishes the flea treatment you will notice huge improvements.



Lawns need to be freshly mowed or at low grass height. The vibration of the mower helps the eggs and pupae to hatch so the fleas can come into contact with the insecticide. If the soil is very dry, we encourage you to water the lawn prior to our arrival as this helps float any eggs to the surface so hatched eggs come into direct contact with the pest insecticide.



Washing all pet bedding is essential. Your pet should also undergo the proper veterinary product/s for flea treatment (Frontline, Bayer Advantus Soft Chews, and Nexgard are a few products that can be used) but your local veterinarian would be able to provide you with what options best suit your circumstances. Obviously, long-haired pets may hold a greater challenge when it comes to the reduction in animal pests.


Chemical Application: A blanket spray using Bifenthrin chemical insect treatment is applied to the interior, exterior and subfloor. Pest reduction results are instantaneous. This pest treatment is non-fuming and environmentally friendly. Where large flea infestation is present, secondary treatment may need to be carried out 1-2 weeks after the initial pest spray.


Note: Pets should not walk on areas treated until the chemical application has dried.

Flea Control

Flea Pest Control


There are five main pest species in Australia, all being introduced and forming less than 1% of all 450 species found in Australia. They comprise of: German, Smoky-brown, American, Australian and Brown-banded. 

Bee Control

CONTROL: Inspection is a very important part of cockroach control.  Have you noticed any particular trouble areas?  Inspect all known cockroach harbourage areas such as: 

  • cracks and crevices in and around kitchen, bathroom and laundry and meal preparation sites if on a commercial building

  • behind hot water services

  • electrical appliances such as ovens, refrigerator motors, microwaves, stereos etc.

  • door hinges

  • behind wallpaper or ply veneer boards

  • drains and plumbing; and

  • roof voids

All Guard will treat cracks and crevices in all of these areas and any other harbourages with insecticidal dusts to flush out the cockroaches and/or in conjunction with residual sprays such as Diazinon or Chlorpyrifos. If a non-fuming treatment is required, we will use dust only or a synthetic pyrethroid spray such as Cislin 10 or Bestox. Heavy infestations may require a misting or a gassing for a faster kill. 

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The adults are 10-15mm long and are tan to medium brown coloured with 2 parallel dark stripes on the head section (Pronotum). The nymphs are very small, dark and beetle-like when they first emerge from the capsule and within a few weeks grow more slender and lighter coloured. They have a light stripe down the centre at this stage of their development. Signs of infestation include cast skins, dark regurgitation and faecal droppings in corners and door hinges of cupboards. Their droppings are tiny and resemble fly-specks. They are often confused with the Brown-banded Cockroach which is lighter in colour, lives outdoors or indoors in dry environments and can fly. 

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All Guard Pest Control Blacktown is ready to protect your family from common household pests. Pest services for Hills District, Blacktown and surrounding suburbs. We Remove Spiders, Termites, Rodents, Fleas, White Ants, Cockroaches and more.

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