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Cockroach Pest Control - All Guard - Type of pest


Blattaria, the formal name for this order of insects, has roughly 4,000 species worldwide, with 30 species connected with human habitations and about four species well known as pests.

Different Types of Cockroaches


Although they have a negative reputation around the world, many cockroaches live in warm, tropical climates and feed on decaying wood and leaves. They aid in the breakdown of organic detritus while also adding nutrients to the soil through their faeces. Cockroaches provide food for small reptiles and animals as well. Cockroaches, in other words, are a vital part of many ecosystems.

In reality, most infestations in many parts of the world are caused by just one or two species. Unfortunately, people bear a large portion of the blame for this global epidemic. The majority of cockroach pests have spread over the world by hitchhiking on boats, planes, trucks, and even moving boxes and grocery bags.

Cockroaches can be found in a variety of habitats all around the world. Cockroach pest species may adapt to a wide range of habitats, although they prefer the warm conditions found within houses.

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More Cockroach Information

Types of Cockroaches

The approximate number of known species in the world is 3500 and in Australia 400.


German cockroach- where are they found?

  German cockroaches live mainly indoors, near food areas and water sources they can be found in most residential properties within kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Adults and nymphs congregate in very small spaces including cracks, small crevices, door hinges dishwashers, and even control panels. The population  typically consists of approximately 20% adults and 80% nymphs

 adult life span- 6 months

 egg to adult- 100 days

 size- 10 to 15 mm

  Similar cockroach:  Brown-banded cockroaches are a smaller size but with two light coloured bands across their wing and abdomen. These cockroaches tend to live inside in many dry areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.


American cockroach - Where are they found?

 American Cockroaches along with other large peridomestic Cockroaches tend to live outdoors in leaf litter and around drains and sewers. Apart from entering buildings by accident they can be found in moist areas indoors and in sub-floors. Interesting they also thrive in roof voids,  despite the heat and lack of water, hiding in the insulation

 adult life span- one year

 egg to adult-  600 days

 size- 35 to 40 mm

  Similar Cockroaches: The Australian cockroach is very similar but has short light coloured lines on the edge of the upper four wings and the smoky Brown cockroach which is similar in size but has a uniform shiny dark brown colour without the yellow perimeter band on the pronotum.


Oriental cockroaches - where are they found?

 Oriental cockroaches are typically outdoor species seeking moist areas, so they will also thrive in moist sun floors. they will enter buildings in weather extremes of hot and dry to cold and damp

adult life span- 6 months

egg to adult- 350 days

size- 22 to 27 mm

 Not easily confused with other cockroaches as they are dark brown to Black. The male's wings cover only three-quarters of the body and the female has greatly reduced wings, they are often confused for a nymph.

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Cockroach life cycle

Most cockroach species' egg cases house about 30 to 40 long, thin eggs, packed like frankfurters in the casing called an ootheca. The eggs hatch from the pressure of the hatchlings gulping air and are bright white nymphs (young) that continue to inflate themselves with air, growing harder and darker within four hours.

Many claims of seeing an albino cockroach have been made due to its transient white stage while hatching and subsequently while moulting (losing their outer skin).

The "white roach" is thought to be a unique super species that only live underground and instructs other cockroach species to do their work for them. Getting the food and washing them is an example. This is undoubtedly a myth. We also have a habit of referring to all cockroach nymphs and smaller species as ‘Kokoro,' while the larger ones and adults with wings are referred to as ‘Wirdiena.'

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Other Cockroaches

The Maltese islands are home to seven different species. These are Cockroaches from the United States (Periplaneta americana) German Cockroach Wirdiena Amra (Blattella germanica) The Oriental Cockroach, Kokoro tal-Faxx (Blatta orientalis) Brown-banded Cockroach, Wirdiena tad-Djar (Supella longipalpa) The Egyptian Cockroach, Kokoro Isfar (Polyphaga aegyptiaca) Field Cockroach Wirdiena Sewda (Loboptera decipiens) The Wood Cockroach with Wirdiena tal-Gelieqi (Ectobius kraussianus) Wirdiena tal-Buskett is a fictional character.

The last two are never encountered in houses because one is limited to a single location and the other to garigue environment. Oriental, Brown-banded, and Egyptian roaches are infrequently encountered since they prefer disturbed regions away from humans. The latter may be drawn to a dusty environment, such as an abandoned garage, although it is harmless, and females are quickly destroyed by giant woodlice, while males are mistaken for moths.

Other species are also being discovered in the area.

The American and German cockroaches, on the other hand, might be extremely loyal to our homes, particularly our kitchens, and they are the ones that should be handled as pests.

The American cockroach prefers damp environments, although it may survive in dry ones if it has access to water. This species prefers warm temperatures between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius and does not survive extreme cold. These cockroaches live in kitchens, basements, and sewers in residential areas, and they may venture outside during warm weather.


During mating season, they have been seen to fly. The latter is also a scavenger that feeds on decaying organic debris and a variety of different foods to enhance its resistance. It is like fermented meals in particular. Females make egg cases, which they carry for two days protruding from the tip of their abdomen. After that, the egg casings are usually placed on a surface in a secret area. Egg casings are brown, purse-shaped, and roughly 0.9 millimetres long. In 6 to 8 weeks, immature cockroaches emerge from egg cases, and maturation takes 6 to 12 months.


Adult cockroaches can survive for up to a year, during which time females produce 150 young on average. Despite its name, this species is African in origin and was spread by humans.

The German cockroach is a tiny species that can grow to be between 1.3 and 1.6 centimetres long, however, they have been known to grow larger. It features two dark parallel streaks going from the head to the base of the wings, and its colour ranges from tan to virtually black. Despite having wings, it is incapable of sustained flight.

An egg capsule containing roughly 40 eggs is carried by a female of this species. Though live births are rare, she drops the capsule before it hatches. It takes 3 to 4 months for an egg to develop into an adult. Cockroaches can survive for a year or more. In a lifetime, the female can generate up to eight egg cases; under ideal conditions, she can produce 300 to 400 offspring.


Other cockroach species, on the other hand, can deposit an enormous number of eggs in a single lifetime, and in certain cases, the female only needs to be fertilised once to be able to lay healthy eggs for the rest of her cockroach life.

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