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Pre-Purchase and Building Inspections

Why do I need a Pre-Purchase and Building Inspection?

Among the many decisions you will have to make in the process of selecting and moving into your new property, one of the best to decide upon is to have a professional Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspection.

man doing a pre purchase inspection
Building Inspection Process

Even if buildings are relatively young, there still could be issues that you will be happy we have found for you. Especially when you have a home that seems to be perfectly fine on the outside and then suddenly you find out about a building fault that may need expensive rectification either immediately or at a later date.

Our very thorough Pre-Purchase and Building Inspection Report covers the following items, to make you fully aware of the state of your property:

1. Description of the property

2. Areas inspected

3. Other areas not inspected due to no reasonable access, obstructions or restrictions

4. Termite presence, whether presently active or in the past and any rectifications

5. Risk assessment of future termite infestations and rectification recommendations

6. Borer activity

7. Wood rot

8. Water leaks

9. High moisture readings or mould

10. Site drainage rectification of wet areas subfloor

Financial lending institutes now insist on a professional Building Inspection Report being prepared prior to home loan approval so it is imperative that you choose the best in the industry for this inspection.

With over 22 years of experience in preparing expert Building Reports, All Guard Pest Control are simply the best.

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