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Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections for your Home

As Spring is approaching, warmer weather and resuming our outdoor lifestyle sounds wonderful, right? But what about BUGS? And CREEPY CRAWLIES?

We aren’t the only ones looking forward to warmer weather! Right now, while we are comfortable without them around, the critters are burrowed into their nests and planning their comeback!

While rodents and cockroaches are active in all temperatures, other pests prefer warmer weather. Ants, termites, mosquitos, mites, flies and fleas will invite and help themselves to you, your home and family. And you don’t have to be an arachnophobe to not appreciate spiders coming along too!

So, how to prevent uninvited pest guests? Firstly, by ensuring your premises and surrounds are clean and free of tempting refreshments they may fancy. Keeping your property clean and uncluttered inside and out will make it less attractive to these pests. In their sole objective of survival, they will eat anything attractive and available to them. By removing this possibility to them, you are taking steps to reclaim and protect your family and family home.

But now is the perfect time to take the best step possible and call the professionals at All Guard Pest Control for their complete service. Their inspection report will identify any areas of concern and their professionals will then provide the solution, pre-empting, preparing, preventing and protecting your home from pests this Spring.

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