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Flea Pest Control

The Flea: small, efficient and coming soon to a place near you!

Fleas are a persistent parasitic household pest! Reddish brown, wingless and blood-sucking, They are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs. Ranging from 0.5 mm at birth to about 3mm in adulthood, they survive by biting and ingesting the blood of their host, causing itchy irritated skin and some people can even be allergic to their bite.

Flea infestation

Fleas live both internally and externally and favour subfloor or decking areas. Because of their preference for warm climates, infestations are usually worse in the Sydney summer. Flea services can remove these unwanted pests. They can come from infested dirt or grass outside or from other infected pets, bringing them into your home.

The most common places fleas are found is on the back, neck, and underside of cats and dogs. They like to stay on an animal's underbelly and thus can easily be transferred to your carpet when your pet lies down. But they also have the ability to jump many times their body height so they can easily jump high up onto other animals, including us as well!

Pet dog with fleas
Pet dog with fleas

Once on their host, they bite and suck and are extremely efficient in their purpose. They are also intensely unpleasant, so to get rid of them quickly and safely is a priority.

Calling All Guard Pest Control is the first step to the solution. Once their experienced pest experts have formulated and applied the flea prevention method for you and your family, you can all relax and enjoy both your home and your pets again.

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