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Termite Protection

Protect yourself from Termites!

The discovery of a termite infestation in your home is obviously alarming, but residents should remain cool, leave the afflicted area alone, and seek expert pest control services as soon as possible.

Termites will devour almost any cellulose-containing material, including timber. They live in nests usually near or beneath the structure, although they do sometimes build nests inside buildings, if a water source of moisture (eg: leaking plumbing) is available.

Under conditions of high termite hazard and inadequately protected wooden structures, regular inspection and early discovery of the existence of termites is the only way to combat the this pest.

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The purpose of the termite inspection is to establish whether the building is infected and, if so, to discover the level and kind of the infestation so that the appropriate insecticide treatment and the need for any remedial action can be determined.

Nowadays, many lending institutions require a home buyer to acquire an insect report from a pest control company and failure to conduct proper inspections puts the homeowner at greater risk of termite attack and property damage.

Types Of Termites
Termite Chart

Where termites are known to be active and destructive in the area, regular pest inspections are vital with examinations of all sensitive building and structures every six to twelve months recommended.

Termite inspections should only be performed by professionals, such as All Guard Pest Control who have the professional experience, training and expertise.

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