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Building and Pest Inspections Sydney

What are the scope of a pre-purchase pest and building inspection reports?

Report comment on the following 11 points:

1. Brief description of the property.

2. Areas we were able to inspect.

3. Other areas, where reasonable access was not accessible, the area is obstructed or restricted and why.

4. Were active termites present or was these prior termite workings, damage treatment carried out 

5. Borer activity?

6. Wood rot?

7. Water leaks?

8. High moisture readings or mould?

9. Site drainage rectification of wet areas subfloor     ventilation termite Shields

10. area conducive to future termite infestation and rectifications

11. degree of risk and termite treatment recommendations

8 Questions about Building and pest reports

What do pre-purchase pest and building inspections look for?

Active termites, previous termite history, damage, treatment. Borer damage, timber decay, water leaks, moisture, dampness ventilation and drainage full.

They also itemise areas that may require rectification and highlight how to make your property less favourable to termite attack 


How much do pre-purchase pest and building inspections cost?

For an average-sized property pest inspections start from $220 and building inspections $275 additional dwellings, sheds out of the area incur an additional fee.


What qualifications are required by pre-purchase pest and building inspectors? 

An inspector must hold the appropriate industry licence and professional indemnity insurance to be able to carry out Pre-purchase pest inspections.

How long do pre-purchase pest and building inspections last for?

Pre-purchase pest and building inspections must be undertaken prior to the purchase of a property. After this initial inspection due to the findings within the report and the degree of Risk, the inspector will advise if the property should be re-inspected at 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual intervals.

Note. As the inspection is only a visual and property conditions change pending conditions outside of our control(weather etc) we cannot warrant on these reports.

Are there more invasive inspections available?

Yes. These inspections usually follow a standard visual inspection and can take up to 8 hours to complete they incur greater fee than a standard visual inspection.

Invasive inspections include lifting insulation in the roof void moving roof tiles to gain access to cavity walls, opening up walls by cutting holes, tapping and stabbing framing Timbers.


How long do pre-purchase pest and building inspections take?

Standard pest inspections take about 1 hour. Building inspections take about 1 1/2 hours.


Are they compulsory and why would that be?

Financial lending institutes will insist on the inspections prior to home loan approval this is so they know the property is sound. They will also insist on a valuation report.


Who pays for the pre-purchase pest and building inspection?

whoever authorises the inspections

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